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『All has fallen within expectations. To achieve the unexpected even through stupidity, I believe that is where you cannot surpass your father. 』

“Y-You’re wrong...”

『Resign yourself, you will sulk, and then be dispirited. The talent in the well that gave up on going out once he realized his weakness... is this any different? 』

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No matter what I say, it’s useless, and the Demon King sees right through me.

It was just enough to make me understand, and I clenched my fists in anger and shame.

“S-Shut up! The ghost who lost and died shouldn’t be so smug to look down on others!”

『...... What was that? 』

“In general, if I gave up, sulked and became dispirited, what about you? You’re a pathetic guy who’s making excuses for losing!”

『Mmm!? 』

At the time, I proclaimed that while smugly looked down on the Great Demon King, which made his brows twitch.

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『Child, when did I make excuses for my defeat? 』

“Oh, back then, you did say that my father and the others were unfair.”

『Tis no excuse but fact... one-on-one, undoubtedly the victor would have been me! 』

“It’s kind of funny... now you can say that as much as you want.”