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“O-Okay, thank you. …R-Right, please don’t tell the others that you’re coming here to play with me…”

I would be in big trouble if someone leaked the secret recording to him. Luckily, he said that he rarely watched gaming live streams recently. I only need to pay attention to the people around him…

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So, he quickly accepted with a smile.

“Alright, I get it! I won’t tell anyone that you’re a loner!”

“Huh! T-Thanks…”

You smell.

My face is twitching from anger. However, I still exchanged my contact with Amano. Then, Amano looked at the clock. He mumbled “crap” as he hastily took his bags and walked towards the door.

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I chased after him. He quickly shoved his feet into the shoes and told me this.

“Uh, w-well, I’m free in the evening as long as there’s no Hobby Club meeting on that day. Please invite me on those days.”

“Hobby Club? Well, even though I don’t really understand, I got you. Well, I’ll contact you when there’s a chance. If it’s possible, I hope that we can meet each other once a week. It’ll be great even if we only play for just an hour.”

Well, that’s in terms of the uploading frequency of the videos.

“I get it! Yeah! It’s really lonely when you have no one to talk to for a week!”

I’ll kill you.